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Run, Don't Walk

Halloween officially begins the end of the year. In the real estate industry, this is the time of year professionals focus on getting their own business in order and prepare for the upcoming Spring season. As investors, it is the time to make moves.

This year is tougher than most, with our continuing low inventory and rising prices, but we must make the most of this year, in this time. This is yet another reason to make a move quickly. While most real estate agents, buyers and sellers focus on turkey, presents and kids at home, there is less movement than normal. This means it may be one of the only times in our market to take advantage of slower activity. While others stress over things that should be fun, focus on an addition to the rental portfolio.

Make it a priority to pinpoint an investment purchase before the year ends. If the property needs repairs, it is the perfect time to make the transition before the new year begins and tenants are looking to move around and new residents to our city our looking for a place to live. There is no better time than now. Run, don't walk. If you aren't already on our list, let us know your goals so we can help you get there.

- JD

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