• Chase Gallimore

Proposed amphitheater set to change Huntsville's music landscape

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says the proposed Amphitheater for Midcity is "another milestone in our ongoing effort to provide more quality of life options for our community." The city of Huntsville chose Huntsville Venue Group Amphitheater, LLC to help develop and operate the new 8,500 seat facility to be built in the public park adjacent to the new Mid City development.

According to Ryan Murphy, the president of Huntsville Venue Group, the amphitheater is about 90 percent designed. The bowl will feature a vertical lift, similar to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. That means the seats will go up instead of a flat lawn.

City leaders recently discovered a need for a "world-class performance venue" during a music audit. The outdoor facility will be able to accommodate concerts, festivals, and holiday celebrations year round. Mayor Tommy Battle says facilities like the amphitheater will help bring entertainment to Huntsville.

The staff for Huntsville Venue group believes the new facility will be hosting "festival headliner" type acts within a couple years. Construction on the amphitheater will begin sometime next year.

Mayor Battle says “For Huntsville to continue to attract the best and brightest to our City, we’re going to need entertainment options that compete with other cities vying for our talent. We believe this amphitheater, with its unique approach to year-round programming, will give Huntsville another differentiator.”

It's another sign of a city focused on continued growth.

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