• Chase Gallimore

Huntsville among "10 most affordable cities to find a good-paying job as a programmer"

Business insider ranked the city of Huntsville number 8 on its list of most affordable cities to find a good-paying job as a programmer. The research report from Coding Dojo ranked American cities by weighing their cost of living versus the number of open job postings for entry-level and mid-career developers within a 25-mile radius.

"Coding Dojo says it assigned a composite score to cities based on the number of open developer postings on job site Indeed, and its cost of living using the median rent of a two-bedroom apartment, as calculated by cost comparison site NerdWallet."

Median rent in Huntsville came in at $858. They found 164 open entry-level jobs and 570 at mid-level. Those numbers came in a bit lower than the rest of the list. There are a lot of technical jobs in the 256. Just, not a ton of programmer jobs.

The 256 is no stranger to the "top places to live" lists. A number of publications have highlighted Huntsville and all of the Tennessee Valley for it's affordable cost of living and good, high paying jobs.

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