Joe Drieling (pronounced DRY-ling)

In 2002, I graduated from Harding University in Searcy Arkansas with a B.A. in Human Resources and I needed a place to call home.  I remember my dad talking to me about how he really liked Huntsville, AL as he traveled through occasionally on business.  I had no other plans, so I moved directly from my dorm room into the La Quinta on Hwy 72 and began waiting tables at the Corner Grill (neither of which are there anymore).  17 years later I have a wonderful family and am blessed to be able to call Huntsville, AL home.


Real Estate has always been a passion of mine, and several years ago I decided to invest in my passion.  My family and I have acquired two rental properties ourselves and now, with 256 Realty, I am further investing in my passion.  Working in Human Resources for the last 16+ years has taught me a lot about attending to details, the importance of communication, and the value of working with others to achieve goals.

Real Estate is generally the single largest financial decision individuals make in their lifetime.  Whether it is property for an investment portfolio or property for you and/or your family, 256 Realty can help you invest in your future.


Joe Drieling

REALTOR®  256 Realty

phone: 256-513-9226 



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